Exclusive – Cappellini Design Village 2012


Original, captivating and stunning! I love the way that Cappellini sliced his design installations presented at Milan Design Week: thought, freedom and joy are the paths that Cappellini invites us to discover, representing the exploration, experimentation and the avant-garde expressions that have always distinguished this brand.

thought – Cappellini NEWS

“The cosmopolitan thought
The thought light and friendly
The thought of form and matter
The thought of the color and the synthesis
The thought of our history
The thought of today and tomorrow
The thought of contemporary minds
The thought of creating and producing
The thought of wanting to even think”.

The 2012 novelties – with 6 new young collaborators – as in a museum, on strict black and white pavements: exploration, pioneering and experimental, expressions that distinguish our brand. Cappellini still dares to mix shapes and materials, past and future research and tradition.

Altoletto by Giulio Cappellini

Altosoft by Giulio Cappellini

freedom – Cappellini HOME

“Freedom to live according to our own thoughts
Freedom to build our own reasoned chaos
Freedom to mix products designed by different minds
Freedom to talk about ourselves by our fetishes
Freedom to be nomadic in our habitats
Freedom to put together products shouted and subdued
Freedom to mix colors and different textures
Freedom to be contaminated with different and distant cultures
Freedom to be curious and ironic
Freedom to live the contemporary thinking of the future
Freedom to be free and be able to look beyond the patterns”.

Freedom of thought, freedom to build our own home environment through suggestions, memories, recollections and the contemporary, always with a hint of irony. A downtown apartment or a house with large rooms, the Cappellini home is a house that draws inspiration from the world anticipating new ways of living: cured in every detail, friendly and experienced.

Branch Table by Jacob Wagner

Fruit lamp Sofa lamp by Daphna Laurens

joy – Cappellini NEXT

“Joy to confront with the world
Joy to learn about different cultures
Joy to show new faces
Joy to invent the next design
Joy to think ahead
Joy of intrigue and intrigue ourselves
Joy of giving a smile”.

“Cappellini NEXT – projects in progress from the world” is a hanging exhibition that best expresses the soul of exploration and research that takes place at Cappellini. Products are not presented as prototypes after being reinterpreted by the company, but rather are produced as originally conceived by the designers in their first phase, with complete freedom. This issue marks the spirit of Giulio Cappellini and his desire to analyze how the thinking of contemporary design moves at different latitudes. The projects selected by Cappellini are international in scope, coming from Brazil, the Czech Republic, France, India and Norway, and are a clear expression of the geographical and cultural influences of the environment on the designers, from the colors of India to the simplicity of Nordic design. Dancing Chair/Constance Guisset, Daddy Longlegs /Martin Solem, Stork Chair/Sahil&Sarthak, Circles,WireSofa/Studio Jan&Henry, Trez/Studio Zanini.

Poh by Raphael Navot

Superheroes by Glimpt Studio

Nom by Bakery Studio

Tate Color by Jasper Morrison