Exclusive interview with Jonty Hurwitz

Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Jonty Hurwitz. We love his work and he deserves our appretiation. See also our previous article HERE.

See more about Jonty works below:

How and why did you get into the design industry?

I got into the design industry at 9 years old when I created a miniature greenhouse (including a pond and real plants) and an awe-inspiring lego creature to live in it. Why? Because I felt like this great lego creature would make its mark on society.

“Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Jonty Hurwitz.”

Where did you study?

Jonty studied Electrical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

“Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Jonty Hurwitz.”

How would you describe your design style?

Thats a hard one.  Misimpressionism.  Is that a word?

“Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Jonty Hurwitz.”

How varied are your designs?

My designs are precisely as varied as my capacity to learn.


Do you have a signature touch with your designs?

Truly understanding your own signature touch as an artist is a bit like looking in the mirror and trying to appreciate your own natural facial expressions, there’s an implicit paradox. With that said, I personally think my signature touch is my appreciation of paradox.


What do you love about being a designer?

To be a designer is to  love the freedom of form, the fantasy of fervour, the readiness to roam the room or foam the food for futility or functionality of form or frankly just froomliness.

“Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Jonty Hurwitz.”

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

The are many levels to this question.  With my work relying so much on physics, I can’t deny that I draw my inspiration from some unimaginably expansive cosmic energy that pervades all spacetime.  Without getting too cosmic though, the stunning lines and scale of Anish Kapoor inspire me. The detail of Leonardo Da Vinci awes me.  The creative output of Pablo Picasso motivates me. The sheer otherness of Salvador Dali shakes me.  Spiritually, my work is inspired by the people I love, the anxieties I feel, the creative fire that burns me every moment of every day.  I find my soul hovering just above reality and I draw my inspiration from the gap in between.


What are some of your most popular designs?

Its hard to say exactly which works are the most popular.  When looking at art or design there is the delicate balance between breadth and depth.  There are certain works that go deep into the souls of individuals, that change the life of an individual viewer for ever in some small way.  Other works of art  virally plaster the internet briefly touching the social-media eyes of millions.

“Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Jonty Hurwitz.”

Certainly, the piece that’s has the most media coverage is Trust, the nano sculpture of my first love in the eye of a needle.  Somehow it touched the sensitivities of both the artistic and scientific communities and so it spread far beyond the realms of the traditional design world.  I think though that anamorphic sculpture, as a “design concept” have had the greatest impact. Somehow we live in a time where suspension of perceived reality touches people.


Tell us a bit about your designs and what you love about them.

My relationship with all my art is one of co-dependence more than love.


What’s your favourite and why?

My favourite has to be the sculpture that incorporates my fathers testicles, its just pretty close to home if you know what I mean.

“Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Jonty Hurwitz.”

Is there anything exciting you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

Its early days yet, but I’m working on a stunning new concept bringing together holography and gravity. I love the idea of hard dense metal forged in the heart of a dying star being blended in embrace with the ephemeral.

The design phase of my projects generally take a good year to come together.  Each work involves such a broad range of disciplines to manifest…time and effort are the only way. So I really am sharing the early stages of my thinking process on this work.  Watch this space.

“Today we bring you an exclusive interview with Jonty Hurwitz.”

What is your philosophy on design and life?

You carve and make and design and create to settle your soul in a home… and just as you lay the last brick…your soul moves out of town.


What are your design dreams/goals?

From a design perspective, I dream now of scale.  I’ve been able to lift every piece I’ve designed.  I want to create something that embeds itself gravitationally to the earth. I want to create works that span space and time beyond the ability of our human perception to grasp. I want to create works that pit quantum physics against cosmology.  I want create art that merges steel and soul.


Describe yourself in 3 words

Artist Engineer Seeker