What To Expect At Design Miami 2018

2018 was a year filled with events contemplating the design world, and what better way to end the year if not with one of the usual bespoke international design events. Design Miami is returning this year and opening its ingenious doors to all the design lovers.

Carpenter Workshop Gallery – Floor Lamp

Cristina Grajales – Four Seat Sofa

Thomas Fritsch ARTRIUM – Harpy

From December 5 to 9, the place that welcomes and brings close the best worldwide art collectors, gallerists, designers, curators, and critics and I Lobo You is extremely excited to show you the art galleries that will be exhibiting there.

Design Miami is the ideal place to enjoy and get stunned by the world’s most amazing collectibles where the most acclaimed design galleries showcase what they best have to offer. Ranging from furniture, lighting, and all museum-quality art pieces that attract the expected high-end audience.

Friedman Benda – Seduction

Jason Jacques – Beloved

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Soho Collection Boca do lobo

Private and public collectors of historical and contemporary furniture gather at this design celebration and contemplate the design pieces inspired by the Modernism, circa 1900 to the present days, counting with galleries that showcase outstanding antique pieces.

Salon 94 Design – Arm Lamp

Design Miami is the ideal place to enjoy and get stunned by the world's most amazing collectibles where the most acclaimed design galleries exhibit.

Southern Guild – James Brown

Siegelson – Table Box

Design Miami not only seeks to meet the expectations of their visitors through showcasing high-end art exhibitions but also to show to the world that antique and contemporary design can be mixed and showcased together, but that nowadays contemporary design is what fuels the market the most and is more accessible for collectors.

The entire world of design is now aware that Design Miami has recognizably become the ideal venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating a collectible design and that is why that year after year more enthusiasts go there to explore the wonders of modern art.

R & Company – Unique Triple Girl Floor Lamp

Etage Projects – Speakers

Design Miami is the global forum for design, so get excited and wait until the next updates about this fair, that I Lobo You has for you!

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Inspiration Christmas Boca do Lobo