Faena Art Center in Miami Beach

The Argentine group Faene is launching, an experimental project with Faena Art in Miami Beach, the architects of OMA were the responsible to the design the new art Faena Forum. Faena Art Center in Miami Beach The new center for arts and culture planned for Miami Beach try to  “catalyze experimentation within and across artistic disciplines and foster cross-cultural collaborations among artists throughout the Western Hemisphere.” Faena Art Center in Miami Beach The project reveals an series of flexible buildings that will provide spaces for a range of projects, commissions, performances and events. Faena Art Center in Miami Beach “Art institutions in the 21st century need to serve as catalysts that spark new forms of cultural production that transcend artistic mediums and disciplines,” noted Executive Director, Ximena Caminos, who is also the Executive Director of Faena Art Buenos Aires.“Faena Forum has therefore been conceived as a polyphonic space that will connect the experimental and the popular and allow for a range of voices and visions to take form and, in turn, inform new dialogues within Miami, among the Americas, and globally.” Faena Art Center in Miami Beach Faena Art Center in Miami BeachFaena Forum will be the centerbuilding of the new Faena District Miami Beach, mixed-use development also designed by Rem Koolhaas/OMA in collaboration with Foster + Partners and Brandon Haw. The space will open the door  in December of 2015.