The Fantastic Design Of The New Library In China By MVRDV

Get to know, the iconic, most outstanding, finest and modern … Meet the Fantastic Design Of The New Library In China By MVRDV

Millions are going to visit this contemporary art new library in China.

The Fantastic Design Of The New Library In China By MVRDVBecause of the incredible structure has a giant spherical auditorium in the middle that looks just like a giant eye.

The new library in China, Located in the Binhai Cultural District In Tianjin, this design art with five-story library was designed by Dutch design firm MVRDV in collaboration with the Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institut.

Now has been known as “The Eye of Binhai” because it covers 34,000 square metres and this design area can hold up to 1.2 million books.

It took three years to be complete this amazing modern art library.

The library holds a reading area on the ground floor, lounge areas in the middle sections and offices, meeting spaces, and computer/audio rooms at the top.

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An amazing interior design by MVRDV .

Some of the ceiling shelves are painted to look like they’re full of books, but in reality, much of the covers in the hall are printed images.

The tight construction schedule forced one essential part of the concept to be dropped: access to the upper bookshelves from rooms placed behind the atrium.

This change was made locally and against MVRDV’s advice and rendered access to the upper shelves currently impossible.

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