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The latest work of the Kitsch artist Jeff Koons is a collaboration with the NYC fashion designer/art collector Lisa Perry, who has created cocktail dresses emblazoned with his iconic Pink Panther and leather jackets that feature his signature Rabbit – a fusion of fashion and art. Koons’ new project really do pop when fashioned into wearable art!

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After producing collections inspired by the art of Lichtenstein and Warhol, Lisa Perry who is known for her Mod 60s style, works know with Koons on a limited-edition collection of clothes and accessories. The iconic Pink Panther, ice cream sundaes, balloon bunnies and a sunny monkey print characterize this latest work. True to Perry’s playful nature, the plain front of the white sequin dress bears no hint of Koon’s impish art splashed on the back. Ditto a white leather motorcycle jacket emblazoned with a silver balloon bunny on the reverse.

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Koons’ Italian prostitue-turned-polician first wife Cicciolina also makes an appearance, though it’s only a tasteful view of her bare back cradling a Pink Panther over her shoulder, in Perry’s Pink Panther shift dress.

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