Female Sculptures Made From Different Materials By Gosia

Are you an artist? Are you a wanna-be artist? It´s okay. Just enjoy these really amazing Female Sculptures Made From Different Materials By Gosia.

The contemporary artist and sculptor based in Toronto, makes amazing art installations that are minimally-hued porcelain busts of contemplative female forms from a variety of materials, including ceramic, polymer gypsum, resin, and most recently, porcelain.

Her very first sculptures experiments with the new medium is included in her contemporary art current solo exhibition, Beneath the Surface, at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia. The Female Sculptures work is an imperfect cast, a mistake which Gosia details in the text below.

Imperfect is one of those ‘happy accident’ pieces,” she explains. “My intention for it was completely different, but when it came out of the mold it had an indentation on the left side of the face… It made me think a lot about the world’s obsession (and my own) with perfection and what we might be missing because of it. It felt good to let go of control and for once let my art do its own thing.”

Other Female Sculptures  works include Overflow, which features a female figure inside of an elongated cube.

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The subject’s long hair flows into the pedestal’s depths—a structure that seems to at once support and swallow the embedded figure.

Two other Female Sculptures are each titled Beneath the Surface, and were created with the combination of opaque and lucid materials.

Translucent resin composes the bottom the sculptures’ faces to their nose, making it appear as if each have dipped partially underwater.

Female Sculptures Made From Differentes Material By Gosia

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