Find Out Rossana Orlandi’s Best Decorative Gems

Rossana Orlandi was born into a family of textile designers in the early 1940s and went on to establish herself as one of Milan’s most acclaimed design collectors, with an eye for spotting emerging talent. In 2002, she opened her own space in a former tie factory to showcase the private collections of classic and contemporary design art pieces that she had amassed over the decades.

The humpback dreadnought by Major Darling

Major Darling has found forgotten dreams and adventures from a future long past and brought them together in The Orphanage for Lost Adventures.

Very tall Dongo by Matteo Cibic
Infinity Clock – Gold and White – for Bosa Ceramiche

Each pointer of this contemporary art carries a loop and when they both meet things become charmingly complicated.

Rossana Orlandi's Incredibly Artistic Side Tables
Round Staircase Table

Round Staircase table from Rossana Orlandi is a part of sculpture furniture collection “Wild Minimalism”.

Rossana Orlandi's Incredibly Artistic Side Tables
Round Staircase Table

Today, the thoughtful yet unpretentious Rossana Orlandi‘s three-story Spazio comprises dozens of rooms that display works from both renowned and still-emerging modern design names, from Dutch furniture designers Piet Hein Eek and Maarten Baas to Slovenian Nina Zupanc and Spanish artist-designer Jamie Hayon.

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Mirrors Boca do Lobo

Rhino with Chairs by Marcantonio

Rhino with chairs is a small art sculpture from the Rossana Orlandi art gallery. It is an ironic analogy for what man does: building improbable structures of a powerful nature apparently quiet.

Rossana Orlandi's Incredibly Artistic Side Tables
Dizzy side table
Gorilla Su Cattedra by Marcantonio
Cattelan – Paperon de Paperoni by G + G

Through this merge of art and design piece, G + G suggest with delicate irony, the juxtaposition between the authority of the masterpieces and the carefree lightness of the most popular icons of our childhood.

Alessandro by Elena Salmistraro

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Imperfectio Sofa Boca do Lobo