Five Amazing Design Galleries Around the World For Interior Designers

Today, ILOBOYOU will showcase five amazing design galleries that offer a curated selection of interior design objects, furniture, lighting, and accessories, serving as sources of inspiration and discovery for interior designers and design enthusiasts alike.

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The Conran Shop – London, United Kingdom.

The Conran Shop is a renowned design destination that showcases a curated selection of furniture, lighting, home accessories, and design objects. With a focus on contemporary design, the gallery collaborates with prominent interior designers to create inspiring displays. It offers visitors the opportunity to explore a wide range of interior design styles and discover unique pieces for their own projects.

ESPASSO – New York City, United States

ESPASSO is a design gallery specializing in Brazilian modern and contemporary design. It features furniture, lighting, and decorative objects crafted by renowned Brazilian designers. The gallery’s exhibitions highlight the unique blend of craftsmanship, innovative use of materials, and distinct aesthetic sensibility found in Brazilian design. ESPASSO offers interior designers and design enthusiasts a chance to discover exclusive and distinctive pieces.

A Piece For an Art Gallery - The Iconic Newton Console in White

Holly Hunt – Various locations (Chicago, New York, Miami)

Holly Hunt is a design gallery known for its luxurious and sophisticated offerings in interior design. It represents a curated selection of international designers, showcasing furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories. The gallery collaborates with leading interior designers to create inspiring displays that showcase the versatility and timeless elegance of their collections. Holly Hunt is a go-to destination for those seeking high-quality and refined design solutions.

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The Future Perfect – Various locations (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco)

The Future Perfect is a design gallery that features a carefully curated collection of contemporary furniture, lighting, and design objects. The gallery represents a diverse group of established and emerging designers, collaborating with them to present exhibitions that highlight innovative design concepts and craftsmanship. The Future Perfect’s focus on interior design provides a platform for discovering unique and statement-making pieces for residential and commercial projects.

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Twentieth – Los Angeles, United States.

Twentieth is a design gallery located in Los Angeles that specializes in contemporary furniture, lighting, and design objects. The gallery represents a roster of internationally recognized designers known for their cutting-edge and visionary approach to design. Twentieth’s exhibitions showcase a fusion of artistry and functionality, offering interior designers and design enthusiasts the opportunity to explore bold and progressive design ideas.

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