Fredrikson Stallard’s Works That Thrive On A Raw Sense Of Energy

Fredrikson Stallard creates works that thrive on a raw sense of energy, chaos, destruction, and recreation, to allow them to experience the world in new ways, and to see it differently.

Fredrikson Stallard's Works That Thrive On A Raw Sense Of Energy

The top product designers move towards the post-apocalyptic, the chimerical, that visually embodies our thoughts: they give a dream of something different, something extra-ordinary, something genuine, authentic, human – a new reality.

100 Top Product Designer: Fredrikson Stallard
Antarctica Gueridons
100 Top Product Designer: Fredrikson Stallard
100 Top Product Designer: Fredrikson Stallard

Fredrikson Stallard is a design studio owned by two top product designers: Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard. Their partnership began almost at once and they produced their first iconic product – the seminal Log Table, in 2001 – that was also acquired in 2009 by the Victoria and Albert Museum for their permanent collection. Since this moment, the design studio produced several contemporary pieces: I Lobo You presents to you some of these creative works.

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Cabinets Boca do Lobo
Hurricane Gold

Recognized as best product designers, their focus is in the performance of creation, to capture and record instinctive, instantaneous moments, the tactical disruption of structure, and the careful choreography of its aftermath.

Monochrome Blue

Exploiting the most subtle aspects of texture, material, volume, light, movement, and contrast, their works function on a four-dimensional graph, between the twin axes of time and space. For them, function and technology are the two cornerstones of modernism: Fredrikson Stallard reject neither, but what they strongly reject is the idea that function and technology are somehow more important than emotion.

Species I
Study of Armour

Their work has been acquired by the French National Art Collection, MoMA San Francisco, the Kvadrat Collection, Copenhagen, and twice by the Victoria and Albert Museum; and been exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design, New York, and the Belvedere Museum, Vienna.

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Cabinets Boca do Lobo