“Frida Kahlo” in Budapest – Masterpieces from The Museo Dolores Olmedo

Museo Dolores Olmedo has kindly loaned some of Frida Kahlo‘s best art pieces. More than thirty paintings and other works have been showcasing in this Museum since the 5th of July and it will last until the 4th of November in Budapest, Hungary. So if you are in the area and still haven’t checked out one of the most defining and iconic female artists of the twentieth century, we think that this exhibition is worth your time and attention.

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“Through the magnificent works on display, the Budapest exhibition conjures up the intricate and organic unity between the life and art of Frida Kahlo.” written on The Museum’s official website.


Located in the Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery, this exhibition not only features the artist’s remarkable self-portraits but also includes her great well-known artworks such as her very first canvas, painted in 1927. But a Frida Kahlo‘s exhibition wouldn’t be complete without the artist’s classic paintings and portraits inspired by the numerous events of her life, filled with a not so hidden symbolism. These works offer a notion of both physically and mentally pain that the artist was in, and how she managed to transmit that through her artwork. Frida Kahlo‘s artwork has great symbolism behind it and shows us the mythical reality that she experienced and recreated by her own.

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László Baan, head of the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Gallery, said that the artist, who died in 1954, “has never really left us; today, on her 111th birthday, we are meeting her in Budapest: Frida, welcome”.


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