Funny Art Installations By Levalet

Dear art lover, today we are going to present to you Funny Art Installations By Levalet. The Beyonce of street art, this contemporary artist is turning the sad streets in happier and funny spots to pass by, take a photo and enjoy for some minutes your latte.

Funny Art Installations By LevaletThe artist Levalet was the headline of this year Roads Street Art Festival,  in Orleans, France this past April.

Named Charles Leval, but known as Levalet, the artist  created several new craft paper and India ink works which include a large-scale chameleon, hazmat suit-clad mailmen, and car crammed onto the side of a glass elevator shaft.

Levalet continues his tradition of producing life-size or larger than life works, while also injecting humor into these urban additions.

A bronze bull head fountain is suddenly transformed into a minotaur.

 Some artwork he uses already street signs like the head of the bull or like this picture, where a men comes and gets out.

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The contemporary art by Levalet is also turning decrepit corner of an alley becomes a holding pen for ostriches.

If any of these odd art istallations sound familiar to you, you’re probably living in Paris and have just witnessed the work of French artist Charles Leval.

The modern art artist injects humor into the streets of Paris by gluing animal and human-shaped art installations onto walls. A lot of thought goes into location too as each art nstallations usually interacts with its environment in one way or another.

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