Golden Artworks by Črtomir Just

Črtomir Just is a graphic designer and 3D artist based in Murska Sobota, Slovenia. Besides his commissioned work for a variety of international clients, he loves to create personal digital artworks like the golden artworks presented. His Gold Rush poster series is focused on the obsession with gold and the luxurious things in life. Črtomir Just has created this fun 3D series, which takes the “gold” naming of several popular products literally. The objects were printed in 70 x 100 cm sizes, framed, and exhibited at gallery in Ljubljana.

Črtomir golden artworks

Črtomir golden artwork designs

Many companies have adopted golden attributes and product names to appeal to this impression. This way the designer puts a twist on the popular style of naming by depicting these objects literally, or how they would look if they were truly made out of gold.

"Črtomir created realistic golden artworks

The association people make with the color gold brings forth a luxurious and sensual sensibility. Everything from ice cream brands to cigarette companies have adopted golden attributes and product names to appeal to this impression.

Unique golden artworks

Unique golden artworks by Črtomir

Using the programs 3DS max, zbrush and v-ray, Črtomir has created realistic interpretations of ‘magnum gold’, ‘marlboro gold’, ‘haribo goldbär’, ‘jacobs gold’ and ‘kodak gold’.This 3D artworks were exhibited at the club gallery Plac 33/45 in Ljubljana. Gilded smoke swirls from the end of a cigarette, an ice cream bar drips liquid gold and long strips of metallic film line kodak reels, each revealing a personality defined by extravagance, energy and pizzazz.

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