Hacienda Paradise: Bronze Sculptures by Fredrik Raddum

Oslo-based Norwegian contemporary artist Fredrik Raddum is known for his creative bronze sculptures and art installation, which often explore political themes. Without an obvious display of critical attitude, Raddum’s modern sculptures drop subtle hints encouraging the viewer to think beyond the initial encounter.
Hacienda Paradise: Bronze Sculptures by Fredrik RaddumIn his work mixes tragedy with humor, drawing surreal, dystopian cartoon figures that encourage the viewer to “think beyond the initial encounter.” Raddum’s most recent collection of bronze sculptures, named Hacienda ParadiseUtopia Experiment, the contemporary art installation sheds light on a true story of human immigration that’s now referred to as “The Galapagos Affair.” Hacienda Paradise: Bronze Sculptures by Fredrik Raddum The narrative tells the story of “a group of world-weary Europeans left their homes to live on the Galápagos Islands in the 1930s, looking for their new Eden. The first of the island ex-pats to arrive was Friedrich Ritter, a German physician, and his younger lover, Dore Strauch, who settled on one of the most remote islands, Floreana. Next came the Wittmer family from Germany, and soon after came Baroness Eloise von Wagner, who arrived from Paris with her two companions. It wasn’t long after they arrived that the Baroness and one of her lovers disappeared. The case remains a mystery to this day.” Hacienda Paradise: Bronze Sculptures by Fredrik Raddum Raddum’s contemporary sculptures show the immigrants in surreal, obscure episodes. One of the most surprising pieces, it’s a bird tries to fly away with the brass body of a man.

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Odette Sofa In another, a female statue stands on the top of two human heads, and seems to blow a golden liquid. One giant turtle-shaped piece represents the island legend of a turtle who could read the minds of the visitors. In Raddum’s piece, the shell is used as a place to make a fire. The modern artist creates a surreal universe  and the exhibition reminds us that “we can change our surroundings, but we cannot escape from ourselves.”

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