The Horror Art Sculptures by Sarah Sitkin

Dear readers and viewers, be ready for The Horror Art Sculptures By Sarah Sitkin. Sarah Sitkin is a Los Angeles based contemporary artist.

Her human art sculptures are made in wide variety of media including but not limited to silicone clay, plaster, resin, and latex.

The Horror Art Sculptures by Sarah SitkinHer contemporary art is haunting, intriguing, but generally awe-inspiring work was presented throughout the gallery, bringing in hundreds of visitors to witness her art show.

Sarah Sitkin Art Sculptures it is not for the faint of heart.

Sitkin’s grotesque flesh horror art are as hyper-realistic as they are otherworldly, these Art Sculptures are made from silicone, wax, plaster, and urethane molds of human features.

The modern sculpture artist hated horror movies as a kid. They would always scare her. But she loved the more artful uses of special effects.

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The artist has a story of taking a mold of her boyfriend and it was the best modern sculpture mold she had ever taken.

It was experimental, so she didn’t use a bald cap, so she captured every detail of his hair, scalp, and ears.

The cast was flawless, and she was so proud of it. But sadly they got into a fight a day after, and he took a hammer to it and smashed the face on it. She was so angry that she broke up with him.

After that, she took the mutilated bust and fixed it. She painted it and made it into something beautiful again.

Then, she lit it on fire for a photograph. She had to be the one to destroy it. It is catharsis to be able to do the damage.

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