Ingo Maurer Fantastic Lightning

I love Ingo Maurer lightning products! “Ingo Maurer started to design exceptional lamps, lighting systems and objects beginning in the middle of the 1960s, which his company produces and distributes worldwide. This is why we can realize our ideas without compromises.

For over four working decades, Ingo Maurer and Team – as he refers to the co-workers – has grown constantly. The address in Munich, Schwabing has remained the same since 1970. However, in 2005 we outgrew our production facilities in the courtyard at Kaiserstrasse 47 and a new location for production and shipping was established on the outskirts of Munich. In the former production hall, Ingo Maurer and his team created a spacious showroom, the second after New York, and the only one in Europe.

Our project department has steadily evolved from the design of exhibitions at trade fairs, festivities and special installations of the lighting system YaYaHo. Ingo Maurer takes on commissions for lighting as well as interior light-planning. In addition to the sale of our regular products, the projects are an important part of our activities. The challenges they pose have often been invigorating and inspiring, both through the people involved and the amazing spaces that are to be designed. We would like to use the old adage, “if the suit makes the man” then, “the light makes the space”.” From



Birdie is a fantastic “do it your self” form chandelier. But dont fool yourself the product is everything less than simple. Veteran employees shape the metal framework of each Birdie by hand. It is a difficult task to master. That makes each piece an original and special, like a pair of handmade shoes. But once you unpack your Birdie or Birdie’s Nest, it is up to you to determine the final form! The light bulbs for all models of the Birds-family are custom-made for Ingo Maurer GmbH. In order to extend the life span of these bulbs, it is recommended to use a dimmer. And if you wish there are ither models from the Birds-family … the Birdie’s Nest, Birds Birds Birds, Lucellino, Birdie’s Busch and Seven off the Wall

Ingo Maurer Fantastic Lightning Campbels Ingo Maurer Fantastic Lightning Canned


Canned Light is an ideal lamp in kitchens and over small dining tables and it was also designed to be used as a wall or hanging lamp that really can go anywhere you need good light or a pop of colour. Creatively packaged, and with a special nod to the Pop-Art era, this lamp is delivered with everything you need right inside the can.

Ingo Maurer Fantastic Lightning


Zettel’z 6 is one of the most known pieces from Ingo Maurer. This one as been a big hit since 1998 and everyone knows it. Like most of his pieces you buy it the same as everyone but then you make it your own and unique lamp. Made out of stainless steel, heat-resistant satin-frosted glass, it comes with Japanese paper. 40 printed and 40 blank paper sheets A6.

Ingo Maurer Fantastic Lightning campari light

The Campari lamp is simple but none the less unique! Made out of  ten original Campari Soda bottles, individually detachable. It uses plastic and metal and the height is freely adjustable by using the Campari crown cork.


Porca Miseria is another must have from Ingo! A limited production piece is one of the most hard to find. The aspect of explosion of it is just amazing… one of my favourites!

Ingo Maurer Fantastic Lightning


Johnny B. Butterfly is a special version of the ​Johnny B. Good fixture. Both the bulb and deflector use the same parts in both models. Thus, it is possible between the two models to also use them in a series over a counter, in kitchens, bathrooms or in bar settings. J.B. Schmetterling is the larger version of the Johnny B. Butterfly. Eight insects surround this special lamp and seem to be, as in nature, attracted by the light.​ And I’m sure you will be too.