Inspirational glass design with Danny Lane and The Borealis twins

Danny Lane and his Borealis twins

Danny Lane Danny has been working for some time with clients such as General Motors, Rolex UK, Nexus, London Underground, among others. Danny Lane’s work is in museums, private and corporate collections world-wide. Their collections are exposed in several exhibition centers as Paris, London, Portugal, USA and so on. Lane a men from the 50’s has worked in London as a public art sculpture since the 1980s. Danny trained as a painter and drawing is fundamental to his art. he explores line in two and three dimensions, driven by a need to challenge the limits of the possible in glass, steel, wood and light. His passion take him from the sculpture and furniture design to his massive, world’s largest glass sculptures, Borealis (2005, GM Renaissance Center, Detroit,USA).


Borealis twins

Borealis monument is the combination of two enormous walls, made in undulating glass, the smallest of the twin as  47 feet and the other 50 feet,  weight almost 50,000 pounds each. A single wall contains about 1,100 43-pound panels of annealed float glass (auto safety glass)

Inspirational glass design with Danny Lane The Borealis twins

4 inches wide, 11⁄2 inches thick and 221⁄2 feet long, the panels stand on end side-by-side and lean at different angles up to 71⁄2 degrees from center to create a wave effect. If laid end-to-end, the panels would extend 9.4 miles.

Inspirational glass design with Danny Lane and The Borealis twins

“If you can’t find it, design it”