Interiors – Dutch Mountain by Denieuwegeneratie

Dutch Mountain

I am loving this stunning house designed by Amsterdam-based studio Denieuwegeneratie that is embedded in an artificial hill in Huizen, Netherlands to take total advantage of the properties of termal grass. Dutch Mountain is made of local lark wood with large glazed facade in an open space concept. It serves a sustainability experiment as its consumption is lower than the energy it produces, and features very cool elements such as a Jaguar hanging vertically that is used as a bookshelf, stairs made of skateboard decks and a chandelier made of teapots. Love it!

Finished in December 2011, this private residence excites and fits right in with th friendly eco system. The interior was decorated with great humor by reusing objects not designed for these purposes, such as the car turned into shelves. The rest of the decoration is inspired by different cultures of the world. This house under the earth is very bright with a glass facade that lets in natural light.


Dutch Mountain Kids

Denieuwegeneratie means bright, young and talented. The design office founded in 2008, is based in Amsterdam and has 3 founders: Sanne Oomen, Oscar Vos and Thomas Dieben. The design teams describes the experience in the residence as such.

“Either you are in a room, with a cave-like atmosphere, daylight coming to you through deep cuts in the mountain – or you are in the large open space in front of the stacked rooms”.


East Facade Dutch Mountain


Dutch Mountain Bedroom

Dutch Mountain_Kitchen

Dutch Mountain