Jian Yang : The Artist Behind The Paper Art Dresses

Check out the amazing Jian Yang : The artist behind the paper art dresses.

Meet Jian Yang, the Singaporean artist sharing a life with more than 9,000 dolls making him the largest male collector of Barbie dolls in the world.

He loves to collect Barbies ever since he was a kid.

Jian Yang : The artist behind the paper art dressesNow in his late 30s, he has accumulated thousands of dolls from 50 different countries.

Besides being the doll-collecting king, Yang travels with a doll and creates stunning wedding dresses for his Barbie using tape, toilet paper and tissues he finds in hotels.

These modern art dresses are made using origami techniques.

With toilet paper, Jian Yang dresses up his large collection of Barbie dolls.

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And, by Jian Yang own admission, his main source of toilet paper are the hotels where he puts up.

Since he is the strategic direction of a large group, he gets to spend a lot of time at various hotels.

So fascinated is he with dolls that he always travels with one, wherever he goes.

To dress up his dolls, Yang not only uses the toilet paper but also tissues and tape. And each and every couture confection of his is a collectors’ item.

His amazingly complex and detailed wedding dresses require patience and perseverance to create.

Jian Yang utilizes all of his spare time in pursuing his hobby, meticulously folding toilet paper or tissues over his dolls to create this contemporary art.