Johnson Tsang’s ‘Lucid Dreams’ Latest Work


All eyes are on the Chinese sculptor, Johnson Tsang, and his porcelain creations. Would you like if someone represented your dreams, make them come true? That’s exactly what Johnson Tsang did with his second version of the Lucid Dream series.

Lucid Dream II – Here and There

Lucid Dream II – Here and There (closeup)

His art explores the subconscious of the human being and reminds us that our exterior is nothing but a frail shield, that can be easily smashed and deformed. Hong Kong-based artist Johnson Tsang did that with Lucid Dream II, his new series of porcelain sculptures inspired by his own dreams and meditations.

Lucid Dream II – Lawful Custody

Lucid Dream II – Under the Skin


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He is a self-taught artist who works primarily with porcelain and creates very amusing and surrealist pieces. Having served for 13 years as a police officer before getting interested in taking his art on full-time, he has seen some pretty gruesome scenes of violence and human disfiguration, which have impacted his view on life and even contributed to the spark of his inspiration for new pieces.

Lucid Dream II – Mirror Mirror

Lucid Dream II – Unveiled

Lucid Dream II – Extrication

If you keep an open mind, you can understand most of Tsang’s creations and even create your own version of the story behind them. Johnson Tsang‘s sculptures captivate the human expression to the fullest and offer you a limitless space for imagination. Highly imaginative and provocative, his porcelain pieces are a fine contemporary work that will never leave you disappointed.

Lucid Dream II – Work in Progress

Johnson Tsang is an exceptional artist who skillfully combines figurative sculptural techniques with surreal portrayals, that mostly consist of human heads in strangely transformed representations. It’s still questionable what he’s presenting in the future but it certainly leaves everyone eager to see more of his creations of very weird situations!

johnson tsang

Lucid Dream II – Falling in Love

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