Lamentation for Syrian Refugees By Michael Takeo Magruder

Dear Iloboyou readers, Michael Takeo Magruder’s “Lamentation for the Forsaken”  contemporary art at Christ Church Cranbrook creates a resonance between the suffering of Christ and that of Syrian refugees.

Lamentation for Syrian Refugees By Michael Takeo MagruderIn a church in Michigan, an artist called Michael Takeo Magruder created an modern art unadorned, bespoke art structure in dark material forms the vessel for the body on display, which glows with a gentle, radiant white light — for the body, rather than being viewed through glass in the traditional manner, is projected within a series of four 47” LED televisions.

The internal glow of the piece, heightened by candles, illuminates the room, while soft, repetitious tones play in subtle variations, enhancing the venerated hush of the space.

Within the four cells of the sepulcher, the images shifts from one cohesive body — a photo-negative of the iconic image of Christ in the Shroud of Turin — to a rotating series of media images of Syrian refugees, captured in the midst of the traumatic civil war, displacement, and flight from Syria that has gone on since 2011.


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Other works are also presented in this church,  the architecture is amazing with a floor-to-ceiling fresco by Katherine McEwen in the main chapel, an original William Morris wall tapestry in the library and stained glass designed by G. Owen Bonawit.

“I had been following the Syrian crisis since the start of the civil war, well before it became a mainstream issue in Europe at the point when refugees started dying in the Mediterranean and arriving in mass at the border,” said Magruder, the artist behind the Syrian refugees displayed art.

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