Lee Jaehyo, innovative eye

Seeing the familiar world as something new, as if we were children and we saw everything for the first time. Impossible? With international artist Lee Jaehyo is possible.

This contemporary Korean artist has a special sensitivity to transform materials and familiar forms in strange things. For example, transforms the normal form of a table in a totally different thing. The sensation that provokes in viewers is as if they had just woken up and had not yet real perception of things.

Famous creator Lee Jaehyo’s work shows immense respect for natural materials, but also the will to dominate what nature has provided. Long hours of intense labor create intricate objects.

Lee Jaehyo, tongue in cheek, idealizes the image of the chaise longue. In his mind the question arises: why create another chaise longue like many others if I can create something comfortable but with different shapes?

Another thing that distinguishes this artist is the question to be analyst of luxury. Anyone who encounters his work must immediately be struck by the beauty, and also by the tactility of his surfaces, which are a direct expression of the qualities of very humble materials.

The world of the western crafts, and especially that part of it that descends directly from the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century, has never been able to feel much affection for things that seem to relate too directly to the world of industry. Lee Jaehyo thinks different. Metal items are set into burned wood and then polished flat. They offer a myriad of small light reflecting forms against a dark surface.

Sometimes he also uses the western alphabet, like a coded message. There is a message in what he does, but not one that can be read in any literal sense. Lee Jaehyo forms his  materials. He is playful in the sense that he likes to juggle with materials, and see what they can be made to do.

An artist with a gift for turning the familiar into the unfamiliar, turns our world upside down and makes us see everything with new eyes.