Lifestyle – The Most Exclusive Nightclub in Paris

Silencio Club - Paris (1)

Silence for the bohemian. Nightclub, bar, cinema and a decoration plenty of art and David Lynch’s imagination compose this new Parisian night place.

David Linch, the american movie-director, was inspired by the fictional theater which apears in his Mulholland Drive to create the Silence Club, situated at one of the most bohemian neighborhoods of Paris.

Its interiors, designed by Linch, occupy 700 m2 and every decoration elements from the Silence Club seem to be part of a Hollywood movie. Especially the furniture – armchairs with soft colors and geometric forms were thought by Lynch and produced by the french Maison Domeau & Pérès. From 18h00 to 23h00 only members have access to the misterious world that lies at 144, Montmartre Street. After this hour, the general public may attend the club – but firts it must go through a selective casting.