The love in Pippa Dyrlaga’s Paper Art

Meet the artist who creates amazing paper art silhouettes. Pippa Dyrlaga, a British born artist who creates modern art with so much patience when creating these paper art. Patience was a virtue and all that was needed was the artist and their medium, the intricate paper silhouettes are both beautiful to behold as well as impressively detailed.

The love in Pippa Dyrlaga's Paper Art

But how exactly does she make all those minute cuts so perfectly so as to create an enchanting image with the sum of them? They go back to a time when patience in creating art was a virtue and all that was needed was the artist and their medium.

The process of making the work is as significant to me as the finished piece,” Pippa says, citing that she finds it to also be, “very calming and meditative.”

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She studied at the Contemporary Creative Practice at Leeds Metropolitan University from where she graduated in 2006, it was only while studying for her Masters in Art and Design that she began pursuing this contemporary art.

She experimented with a lot of different design techniques, both illustrative and 3D prints to create her art.

I was looking at lots of different things like shadow, Plato’s cave allegory, and also animal archetypes. The silhouettes were a natural progression. I fell in love with it immediately and it really made sense to me as a visual style.” said the artist.

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