Malin Bülow’s Large-Scale Performative Sculpture Art

Malin Bülow works with human sculpture art, installation, and performance aiming for conditions where the exhibition is in total fusion with the audience. And dear I Lobo You reader, the essence of this specific one is truly outstanding. Thus let’s take you on a reading journey that will make you feel as if you were there witnessing this amazing art celebration!

The artist thought of every single meticulous detail to make this exhibition a unique one and to offer a very exquisite experience to whoever steps foot into the gallery. Imagine you’re the audience. In the beginning, you enter a grey lycra tube, at this point both the tubes are disconnected from the dancers.

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Soleil Chair



The tube only fits one person at a time, there’s only enough space for one and that’s intentional. You are asked to wear soft earplugs to make you more aware of your own breathing and to distance yourself of the rest of the audience.

Once you get through the hole and arere inside the room, the two dance performers connect themselves to the grey elastic tubes that are secured to the two wooden “door” frames, one in each opening. And the human sculpture art magic begins!

sculpture artThis process makes that no one can leave the room for an entire hour, the length of the full performance. Expanded, the tubes take on a tremendous looking aspect and the softness seems hard. Slowly, now you witness the dancers seeking positions that explore the tension and elasticity of the material. At first, the flexibility seems hard, the bodies and the framework become one as if they are two locked elements on the same art exhibition. The whole performance is so still that you will probably end up describing it as an elastic human sculpture art, or a performative act of still-life.


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