Masterpiece 2019 | London – The Unmissable Art Fair

These days we have so many art and antique fairs to choose from. However, the Masterpiece London Art Fair is one of the most distinguished art fairs today and perhaps the most visually seductive. Worldwide, Masterpiece London is known as a meeting place for art collectors, dealers, and art lovers.

Masterpiece 2019 London - The Unmissable Art Fair (1)
Anthony James 80″ Icosahedron, 2019 Steel, Glass, LED lights – Opera Gallery at Masterpiece Fair 2019

This art fair has earned its reputation through an imaginative willingness to combine the best in contemporary art and design with masterpieces from the past regardless of their genre. Every year, Masterpiece London includes fine art from all over the world, as well as antique and contemporary furniture and even jewelry from 160 international exhibitors. The magic of this art fair is founded upon the method of curating a highly unusual selection of art and artifacts. This approach blends the most cutting edge in concept, style, and design with juxtapositions of antique beauty.  


Masterpiece 2019 London - The Unmissable Art Fair (7)
An ‘After the Antique’ Marble Portrait Bust of Homer – Finch & Co – Masterpiece Fair 2019

Held in London, the art fair’s unique approach to curating exhibitors and carefully placing each dealer next to another means the entire experience is an aesthetic adventure. One encounters timeless antiques, modern masterpieces and of course contemporary blue-chip works all in the same space. The galleries showcase various mediums and genres allowing a multiplicity and beauty. Awards are given every year for outstanding display, outstanding exhibits and masterpiece highlight awards reserved for the most exceptional objects and artworks.

Masterpiece 2019 London - The Unmissable Art Fair (8)
Zheng Lu, Water in Dripping- Chao, 2016
Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Stand B17 Masterpiece Fair 2019

Certain areas of essential collecting are always represented at the art fair and last year there were various modernist works by artists like Pablo Picasso, Claude MonetJoan Miró and Marc Chagall. A bronze sculpture by Surrealist master Max Ernst also graced the fair and German Expressionist art by significant painters Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and August Macke were also on view.

Masterpiece 2019 London - The Unmissable Art Fair (3)
German Expressionism – Galerie Henze & Ketterer & Triebold – Basel


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Catalogue Boca do Lobo

Masterpiece London Art Fair also dedicates a special portion of the fair to the best in historic British art and design including classic work by J.M.W. Turner, L.S. Lowry, and John Constable.

Masterpiece 2019 London - The Unmissable Art Fair (6)
Grima – London – Masterpiece London Fair 2019 – Stand A4 – Incredible Flawless Amethyst Ring

The fair calls their approach “cross collecting” and presents conceptually driven installations, such as last year’s presentation from Les Enluminures and Daniel Crouch entitled ‘A Brief History of Time: From Matins to Mars’. This intriguing booth displayed maps, instruments, illuminated manuscripts and medieval and Renaissance jewelry.

Masterpiece 2019 London - The Unmissable Art Fair (2)
Roman Intaglio Rings – Daniel Crouch Rare Books & Les Enluminures – Masterpiece Fair London – 2019

Likewise, Hauser & Wirth’s ‘Wunderkammer’ (cabinet of curiosities) combined modern art by artists like Louise Bourgeois and Philip Guston in parallel with fine 18th and 19th-century furniture.

While many collectors may specialize in certain areas such as Asian art, historic genre and landscape painting or antique furniture, Masterpiece Art Fair in many ways opens one’s eyes to the possibility of diversifying one’s collection and aesthetic. A wide range of price points allows both the novice collector and the more experienced or established collector to purchase exceptional work as well.  

Masterpiece 2019 London - The Unmissable Art Fair (10)
Masterpiece London 2019 – Patrons Evening


The Masterpiece London Fair

London 27 June to 3 July 2019
South Grounds, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London

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