Meet Dmitry Lagun Who Gives Born To Fantasy Little Creatures

Today is an inspiring day, and I have a contemporary art story to tell you dear I lobo you readers… I would like you to meet Dmitry Lagun Who Gives Born To Fantasy Little sculpture Creatures.

Are you familiar with “Lilo and Stitch”? Well, is a 2002 American animated adventure science fiction comedy-drama film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Where Lilo is a small girl, an orphan girl, and her big sister is raising her, and Stitch is a experiment from another galaxy, and is adopted by Lilo who thinks he´s a dog.

But a very special dog, that turns into her Ohana (means family).

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The modern art artist Dmitry Lagun is also like Dr. Jumba Jookiba, who experiments and creates adorable new fantasy art creatures.

But our contemporary artist is not from  another galaxy, he is from Belarus and he creates one of a kind abstract art handmade fantasy creatures from my his imagination.

His sculpture works are handmade, and we can see the love reflected in which one of his small creatures.

Meet Dmitry Lagun Who Gives Born To Fantasy Little CreaturesThere is a website caller BEAR PILE where Dmitry Lagun like a bunch of other nature artists sell their work, but by one side they have the website divided by orphans and adopted, just like the small creatures in lilo and sticht movies.

They have names, where are they from, characteristics and how they were born.

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