Meet Shi Jianmin masterpiece for home

Shi Jianmin is a Chinese sculptor that works cast, hand-cut metals, such as stainless steel and polished aluminum, to create works that appear to defy states of matter. Each masterpiece created is a relique to any environment.

His monumental biomorphic forms have molten surfaces, with planes that dissolve into cavities and grotto-like chambers. Shi’s Suckling Pigs (2008), for example, is a bronze table with six stools, whose largely abstract forms suggest animalistic features thanks to the work’s title. He is one of the most respected artists in China.

His work varies from Fine art to architecture and landscape design. The artist creates his work through the fusion of form, sentiment, and poetry.

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Over the years, he has had several exhibitions, in small galleries or in big museums, including at the Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art in  Beijing, at the Museum of Art & Design in New York, etc. At the moment, we can see his work at the Gabrielle Ammann Gallery in Cologne.

Shi’s work has passed through a variety of phases. A connection to tradition and a desire for modernity are two elements of  Shi Jianmin visual experience. The former has always flowed within his veins; the later is the result of a conscious quest.