Merged Sculptures Between Women And Nature By Juliette Clovis

Look at these amazing Merged Sculptures Between Women And Nature By Juliette Clovis, a french artist works primarily with female busts, mutating the forms to adopt animal or floral-based characteristics.

In her sculptures using both the 2D application of paint, and 3D addition of ceramics, she covers the females that she sculpts in horns, quills, and blooms.

In some works the natural elements look as if they merge with the bust, while others appear overtaken

In this piece Clovis’ white figure is almost entirely covered in flowers, with minimal elements of her face barely peaking out from its blanket of ceramic blossoms.

Her plastic work is organized around 3 big topics that are the links between modern art and nature art, the opposition between life and death and the dialogue between tradition and modernity.

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