Modern Art: Alex Prager and The Fake Movie Scenes

Dear Art lovers, are you ready for Modern Art: Alex Prager and The Fake Movie Scenes. The American Modern Art artist Alex Prager’s photography. Seeing the drunken parties, suspicious faces and elaborate beach scenes she meticulously stages, you’re certain that each scenario is familiar, these vintage photos, looks like they belong to a classic American film you’ve seen a thousand times but can’t quite remember?

Modern Art: Alex Prager and The Fake Movie Scenes

It’s none of these things, it’s all fake. The Modern Art photoprapher, Prager is precise and dedicated, setting up each shot with countless extras and finicky precision. A group of girls conspire in their swimsuits beneath an onrushing plane, three men hover over the viewer as if you’re a corpse they’ve just discovered, a woman flees from a flock of pigeons.

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You, the viewer, see the crowd at a cinema as if you’re the screen, you see a beach from up high like you’re an airborne beach ball. Prager sticks you in it. You’re a character in these familiar yet totally alien scenes. 

Amazing contemporary art with such precision.

Through her perfectly staged photographs and gorgeously immersive films – like moving versions of her still images – she dumps bucket after bucket of cold, isolating paranoia over you. She makes you live in Cold War, nuclear, glamorous, ’70s Hollywood. It’s a suffocating, inescapable and almost physically oppressive world she creates where you have no idea what’s real or fake. All you can know for sure is that Hollywood is a really weird place.

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