Modern Art: Black And White Photos Transformed Into Fantasy

Prepare to go back to the bedtime stories with Modern Art: Black and White Photos Transformed Into Fantasy.

The Australian photographer and digital artist named Jane Long was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1970.

Modern Art: Black And White Photos Transformed Into Fantasy

She combines photography and photo manipulation to create slightly surreal modern art images that straddle the line between reality and fantasy.

Transforms the old, cracked and faded black and white photographs into colorful fantasy artwork.

Where we can see black and white old pictures, but when the fantastic fantasy art Jane Long  giving the subjects a new, and entirely surreal art fantasy context.

Some of the pictures were captured over a half century ago .

 Photography by Costica capture the straight faces and intense eyes of the subjects taken long before smiling was common in images.

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Before people usually didn´t smile when taking a picture, now we are in the selfie time, so the artist transformed these art prints to reveal some magic.

By altering the images Long imagines the subjects as characters, letting the audience decide whether they are bad or good.

These colorful contemporary art transformations have been a source of controversy as some viewers have felt it improper to alter images of those she doesn’t know.


In response to these accusations the artist stands by her artwork and explains ,“I wanted people to see these figures as real people, more than just an old photograph. Adding color completely changes our perception of images.”

Adding color really transforms these old photographs in amazing modern art.

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