Modern Art: Embroidered Photographs By Joana Choumali

Prepare yourself to be amazed by Modern Art: Embroidered Photographs By Joana Choumali.

The photographer Joana Choumali contemporary art represents that everything is going to be ok.

“Ca va aller” translates to “It’s going to be fine,” used by people in Côte d’Ivoire to casually reassure each other in bad times.

The artist started these modern art photographs series in March 2016, when it happened a big terrorist attack, when three gunman opened fire at a beach resort an hour away from her home in Abidjan.

The images in the series are all taken on her iPhone, and appear more like snapshots rather than portraits. She wanted the subjects to look natural, as if she was scanning the city.

Modern Art: Embroidered Photographs By Joana ChoumaliSometime after the attack happened, everything was changed, the atmosphere was not the same, looked like sadness was everywhere.

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Most of her photographs show people by themselves, walking in the streets or just standing, sitting alone, lost in their thoughts. And empty places.

The artist explains that she began embroidering as a way to cope with her own sadness.

Embroidering art usual is a meditative process, and to her started to be in her daily practice as a way for the photographer to relax and concentrate.

The colored threads serve as the sentiments she cannot express verbally, and a way to witness and acknowledge the denied trauma of the Grand-Bassam people.

These modern art besides being a way for her to cope with sadness is also a way for people to deal with psychological suffering.

In Côte d’Ivoire people don´t talk about their own feelings, they just say “Ça va aller.”

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