Modern Art: Sculptures by Lee Sol

Find out Lee Sol 3D sculptures. The pink world of Lee Sol, the Korean artist that mixes sculpture worlds, combining the ancient, the classic with the pop, modern world.

Enjoy the journey!

Modern Art: Sculptures by Lee SolThe Korean graphic artist Lee Sol creates amazing 3D sculptures scenes by combining classical sculpture iconography with modern art design and architectural elements.

The artist is famous in the Instagram know as venusmansion, this web design likes to create vibrant and full of emotion sculptures in various costumes and situations as well as adding a touch of humor in each art scene he creates.

The artist Sol’s art installations recently featured in Vogue Korea.

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Lee Sol finished his Bachelor’s degree of Interior Design at the Hansung University, and then he started to express the world in his own eyes, emotions and his computer.

In 2014, He started his art project named “Venus Mansion”, in which he establishes surreal scenes with a mixture of antique, Renaissance art and modern culture, like Michelangelo went to a make up party with Ziggy Stardust, and we wanna be invited too.

Lee’s scenes are created through 3D rendering, often using vibrant colours such as bubblegum pink and turquoise blue.

Absolutely amazing pop-art images creating a world where Buda is a close friend to every hello kitty.

The bright colors make the scenes distinctly eye-catching and effectively stand out, especially on Instagram.

His future works are going to expand to solid sculptures pieces next year in a exhibition in Korea.

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