Modern Art: A Small Business

Dear Iloboyou readers, we have big sculptures, small sculptures, big business and what about a miniature one? Here with Modern Art: A Small Business.

They just opened the smallest creative shop in the world,  in São Paulo, Brazil.

Modern Art: A Small BusinessWhy you ask? Because agencies / production companies often have very big and luxurious offices here in Brazil, during the years those constructions have changed the city landscape, transforming small neighbourhoods into big gentrification areas.

And to start a conversations around this they´ve decided to “go small” and create an modern art urban intervention in one of those neighbourhoods, called Vila Madalena.

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The artists called themselves Agencia Grande (Big Agency) and they are not interior designers, they just created this modern art to start something, to start a advertising agency, and they have a funny little website for the clients.

But if you look at the modern art miniature art that they put in a hole in a street is amazing the size of it, the number 154 and the advertising agency inside, the interior design of a real agency, the computers, magazines, the decoration in the little walls, art created by two Brazilian wanting to create a business that would not change the life in those streets, a brilliant idea.

We can still see the disorganization inside the office and in their instagram page we can see: “Descrobrimos que obra, mesmo em miniatura, atrasa.
Abrimos oficialmente semana que vem ❤ ” (We found out that constructions, even small ones, can be late. We officially open next week)

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