Modern Art: The Uterus Necklaces By Ellen Rococo

My art lover friends, if you do have an uterus you have to check out this, if you don´t check it too. The Modern Art: The Uterus Necklaces By Ellen Rococo.

Modern Art: The Uterus Necklaces By Ellen RococoEllen Rococo is a famous Ukrainian artist that created amazing small art sculptures.

She has been worldwide recognized for her contemporary art fascinating jewelry pieces that are Uterus Necklaces.

When Ellen decided to make her first “Uterus necklace”, she wanted it to be an intriguing human art piece, which will raise different emotions in people and she herself didn’t quite know what kind of reactions to expect.

She just wanted to show how magical and how important this part of the female’s body is and how she felt about it.

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Its shape of the uterus that it is quite definitive and very recognizable everywhere. And many different cultures uterus has a sacred meaning, it is a symbol of fertility, femininity and female energy.

She wanted female to know that deep in her heart and soul must feel that this part of her body bears the information of her ancestors, keeps her life force within strong and makes her feel valuable, magical, special.

Ellen was very surprised, that among  her clients : she had people to come for hope such as midwives, new mothers, ladies that are trying for a baby, struggling to conceive or have lost their babies in the past or had a hysterectomy for different reasons, they all wanted a modern art uterus talisman.

Like these necklaces were a important symbolism of our own uterus, a modern art talisman.

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