The Modern Michelangelo Creates Realistic Sculptures

Meet the modern Michelangelo that creates realistic sculptures. Jacopo Cardillo, also know as Jago is a 30 years old young Italian that is turning out to be the next contemporary art Michelangelo.

The artist is an amazing self-taught sculptor that creates modern sculptures using an innovative approach and to surreal or pop culture-related subjects has re-emphasized his interest in a form of art tied in our imagination to classical tradition.

The modern  Michelangelo transforms marble and stone into intricate lifelike pieces and has won over thousands of people due to his talent.

When he was a child, the artist was fascinated with the big and famous Michelangelo, and dreamed that one day he also could create such beautiful sculptures.

And that dream of creating contemporary sculptures became truth.

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His sculptures are extremely detailed and precise, the artist manages to create art pieces that look not only realistic in shapes, bus also light.

He plays on mass and tactile sensation, on the physical properties of the material he uses, showing it soft or elastic, light or heavy, liquid and solid.

He digs it to show us what it hides, to discover its various organic layers.

Some of his modern art creations include a caged elephant fetus, detailed hand sculptors, and even a portrait of the pope Benedict XVI.

There is also an old women with all of her body wrinkles and a human baby fetus.

The Modern Michelangelo Creates Realistic Sculptures

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