Nicolas D’Olce, happy Incident

The world is purely crazy or we are constantly contributed to its madness? Paris-based artist Nicolas D’Olce proposes his own vision of all these incidents in his latest exhibition at Upian Gallery Paris.

D’Olce has his own opinion and express through painting. From the first virgin planetary surface: a smooth surface, free from any intervention…

Yes, everything was simple and virgin until D’Olce put his hands of artist and began creating their “Incident”. I promise that this time it was not me who gave this name.

“Incidents” was the name given by the artist when in the depth of contrast, color or black escalation empty, he gives the revolution. The surface is ready for his uncontrolled strokes as if they were meteorites shaping a newborn world. Confusion strokes and shapes, addictive and powerful colors fill the ex free surfaces, free before these unique vision of D’Olce.

The real pleasure of the artist’s work is the last message understood by the public and specially the way he creates it. Strokes are made without certainty, without prior thought. Does as he wants and when he wants, the result is uncertainty … a happy or unhappy art incident.

A short but explosive exhibition shows the relationship of humanity with the world. D’Olce responds with crazy to the myth about “drunk world”.