Old Cutlery Gets Transformed into Amazing Metal Sculptures

Matt Wilson, an artist from South Carolina, has a very peculiar but extremely creative hobby. Wilson creates exquisite metal sculptures, mostly recreating the shapes of animals, but you can find everything in his art, really. His artwork is crafted with old cutlery, and his love for metal sculptures has no limits.

It all began in 2006 when he worked as a director of the Center des Beaux-Arts in Greenville. And up to this day, the artist continues creating odd but marvelous masterpieces through metal.  I Lobo You can’t get enough of his work, it’s simply entertaining!

His handmade art is influenced by natural elements, it is a mere reflection of the environment that the contemporary artist‘s lives in. More than a cutlery set, his metal sculptures are mostly made of organic and recycled materials such as bone, driftwood, scrap metal, and others.

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Soleil Sofa

Matt Wilson believes that recycling is important and that’s why he reuses materials for his metal sculptures instead of buying new ones. He believes that he is conserving art and nature while appreciating the resources that are already in the possession of his everyday’s life.

“My sculptures depict continuous life cycles that consciously and unconsciously permeate our awareness.” Wilson’s statement on his website about his modern art.

Wilson creates exquisite metal sculptures, mostly recreating the shapes of animals, his artwork is crafted with old cutlery and his love for metal has no limit.

His goal for his artistic creations is to conceive pieces that are something that people have never seen, while at the same time being familiar with the shapes presented and recognizing where it’s from. He wants people to recognize the identity of the materials from their regular everyday lives and hopes that these metal sculptures will inspire others to use more often these so-called “neglected” materials in art.

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