“Options of Luxury”, the fate of the luxury goods

“Options of Luxury”, the fate of the luxury goods ARI00051 Siriofoto1 1024x537

Last month had ended in New York, one of the most controversial events of the last time, “Options of Luxury”.

After had “infect” the city of Milan in October last year, this project created by Class Editori, chose this time “the city that never sleeps.”

An event that showed the luxury’s evolution in the past 25 years and involving fashion, design and luxury goods. Designed by architect Italo Rota and the New York stage of the exhibition had a peculiar subtitle: “Options of Luxury in the Age of Social Responsibility”. So the idea was explore the new face of luxury, more responsible and attentive to global issues.

Another special detail was added to the event: the night was exclusive for a scene of three appetizers served by sensory Filippo Gozzoli, Sirio Restaurant’s executive chef, the new hot New York’s restaurant. All this surrounded by a superb decoration: fountains with surreal special flavored water.

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We make particular reference to Baxter, the famous and prestigious italian brand. Twelve designers who with talent and passion create unique and surroundings atmospheres.

The pinnacle of the event was undoubtedly the video-art installation designed by Rota and the changing performing arts. The result was curious! Reduced the traditional idea related to luxury goods locked in their tower and showed them in an innovative and special way. Through a soundtrack composed by Daniel Testas, this event gained a semblance of fairytale fantasy … and sensations were the event’s “plate”.

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Pierre Hotel, New York, keeps within its walls, memories and secrets of this unique event that will surely mark the direction of luxury goods.