Pedro Pires Sculpts Large-Scale Skull Using 140 Life Vests

14.00 newtons is a large-scale piece in the shape of a human skull. It is made of 140 life jackets and rubber from a boat that used to carry refugees and was found on a Greek island, in 2016.

Pedro Pires is an Angolan/Portuguese artist, and for two whole years, he has been developing about migration. It all started when he visited Lesvos, and had the urge to volunteer with the NGO ERCI (assisting migrants/refugees that arrived by boat) while documenting and graphic recording, as well as recollecting items to turn them into a piece of art.


‘the intention is to create a contrasting dialogue between the elements of the work, the park and the reality found in Viseu, allowing for a platform of discussion concerning migration, Europe, responsibility, life, and death,’ says the artist.



This innovative project is composed of black rubber from a refugee boat found in March 2016. To make this skull-shaped piece of art, the artist cut and transported parts of it to his studio in Lisbon, along with 140 orange life jackets while it aims at creating a contrast with its surroundings as well as with the migration context of the city of Viseu. Part of the public sculpture festival poldra, his skull work has been installed in the Fontelo park, in Viseu, Portugal.


The sculpture was created two years after the contemporary artist and activist, Ai Weiwei, for which the Chinese artist wrapped six columns of the Berlin Konzerthaus in refugee life jackets also collected in Lesvos. Pedro Pires uses this concept once more, as a symbol to draw back attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.



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Source: designboom