Perfection of a symphony into a piece of furniture


Symphony – musical piece constructed by several movements, performed by an orchestra. The symphony may take forms and developments absolutely unexpected, varying with the taste of the composer.

The word “Symphony” comes from the Greek “sound at the same time.” The major element that differentiates the symphony of other orchestral pieces is the absence of soloists. Unlike the concert, in a symphony, even when some instruments are silent, others continue playing, always together.

And that’s the aura that Symphony cabinet carries, it’s a conjunct that brings design, sophistication, beauty, grandeur and luxury, everything acting in a perfect set that results in a piece so pleasing to the eyes as the Mozart’s compositions are for the ears.

When closed, the appearance of the cabinet retrace a truly sculpture. Are 95 Polished brass tubes enveloping an exotic wood structure and creating a harmonious artful juxtaposition. The wealth of details can be perfectly perceived in each of its ends, as well in the edges of the drawers, molded by hand.

Symphony’s rhythm reverberate perfectly in spaces like halls, living rooms, hallways and lounges.