Peter Gronquist – Taxidermy Sculptures

Today we would like to present you Peter Gronquist’s branded taxidermy sculptures. Peter’s each piece comments on controversial topics within contemporary consumer culture. As you can see the mixture between nature and society problems are represented with a palpable sense of dry humor. Often using portraits of bisons and gazelles combining with golden firearms you can read between the lines the message that Peter is trying to show.

Its like his telling us an history of violence between the Human’s and their relationship with nature and destruction. Guns, weapons, grenades all of those destructive objects are featured in the section of his website named “Sculpture/Weapons”… He isn’t using an metaphor right? He also “attacks” brands, featuring in all this destructions logos from Gucci and McDonalds, reaching topics between consumers, the military-industrial complex, and mortality.

Check out this video from one of Peter’s exhibitions, so you can have a more real perception of the impact that these pieces cause.