Photography: Who is Ren Hang?

The photography of Ren Hang……So let´s us ask again who is Ren Hang?

Someone that has challenged notions of Chinese sexuality with provocative photography, many of which are considered pornographic in China and some even deemed worthy of criminal offence.

Photography: Who is Ren Hang?But the West has fully embraced the artist. 

Though his photography work is controversial, often dealing with subjects such as nudity, gender and homosexuality, his work yields no political context, and yet the Chinese government still hold him to the same kind of rules that Ai Weiwei and Cheng Li have been subjected to.

Ren Hang says there’s no meaning or concept beyond the visual in his work.

In his images he transforms the human form into abstract, surreal shapes. Beyond the nudity, his work combines beautiful body with bizarre props like flowers, cherries and taxidermy.

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Ren comes from Beijing, which is also home to his contemporary, the political artist Ai Weiwei.

His connection to Weiwei doesn’t end there. His relationship with the government has been a rocky one, pitted with issues around censorships. He has been arrested while shooting photos outside.

The people in his photography were “mostly friends.” Just hanging aroung having fun naked, instead of shooting photos of strangers that leaves him nervous, his friends trust him so it makes him more relaxed.

His modern art photography are never planned out, they start to shoot and reinvent while using live animals.

His trademark is the colour red, from the models that are all dosed with red lips and nails to the subtle red details in the props and backgrounds.

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