The Popovy Sisters Doll Art

Barbies are cool, but in this new modern era, we also have modern art Popovy dolls, meet The Popovy Sisters Doll Art . They look like a enchanted doll, different from other dolls, not a toy doll, a artwork doll, something to be appreciated.

Everything started with two russian twin sisters Ekaterina and Elena Popovy, are professional artists and fashion designers.

Born in Perm, Russia, and graduates from Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts , the Popovy Sisters started making dolls in 2004.

Their portrait dolls are inspired by personalities and every doll is handmade from start to finish.

In the beginning they tried to not only make portrait dolls, but also convey the nature of the characters through their gestures and costumes.

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However, portrait dolls didn’t seem to allow them to express themselves as designers, so they started experimenting with different materials.

The Popovy Sisters Doll ArtThey finally found the perfect solution, they combined their contemporary art passion for doll art with their passion for fashion design.

Which has now grown into small conceptual collections of 10 – 15 dolls.

And something really cute is that each and every doll made by the Popovy Sisters has a tiny hand painted butterfly somewhere on it.

The contemporary artists won several awards for their creations as well, such as Best Doll Master at the International Doll Salon in Moscow, the Haute Couture prize of Doll Magazine for Hathor of Cult project and many more.

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