Quiet Luxury – Not so Artsy But Very High-End Design Trend

Quiet luxury can be described as understatedelegant, and timelessa style that goes beyond various interior aesthetics. It is characterized by an unassuming demeanour, embodying a subtle and tasteful essence rather than an extravagant showcase. Even though this trend isn’t as Artsy as we may like, we at ILOBYOU really like it!

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What distinguishes this look is the exceptional quality of materials and craftsmanship. Instead of using gold accents, extravagant artwork, or flashy sofas, it embraces soft linen upholstery, chequerboard marble floorsantique brass lights, and an inherently soothing atmosphere.

The Symphony Sideboard, An Exquisite Work of Art of Collectible Design

The luxurious feeling emanates from the gentle touch of cashmere throws and the impeccable finish of the figured wood side tables. The emphasis lies in investing in a select few, top-notch treasures that endure for generations with timeless charm. While it exudes a sense of quietness, its influence in the realms of interiors, fashion, and entertainment has been truly remarkable in recent times.

Symphony Sideboard
Quiet Luxury: A New Interior Design Trend

Naturally, for these spaces to embody luxury, they must transcend the ordinary, underpinned by an unspoken commitment to exceptional quality. While the furniture and decor may not immediately capture attention, it is the exquisite materials they are made of that truly distinguish them. Timeless and sought after for centuries, these pieces showcase the finest and most precious materials available, such as wood, stone, and wool. These enduring elements gracefully withstand the ever-changing tides of trends, offering a beauty that surpasses the allure of new textures. Moreover, as we look towards the future, it is essential to cherish and preserve these enduring materials, mindful of our planet’s well-being.

Quiet Luxury Design Trend
Fantastic Dining Room with a Classic Mirror

These homes become spaces where ironmongers meticulously adorn the balustrade with elegantly cascading leaves, and skilled carpenters artfully install panelling that seamlessly flows from room to room. The dedication of time and meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout these spaces. Within this backdrop of exceptional craftsmanship, the hero pieces of quiet luxury find their place. Old master portraits are gracefully displayed on marble shelves, bouclé armchairs find their spot beside ornate fireplaces, and desk lights perfectly integrate into finely crafted wooden shelving.

Venice Mirror
Quiet Luxury: A New Interior Design Trend

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Beyond the exquisite pieces, these spaces embrace a sense of abundant openness, where thoughtful and well-planned designs enhance the experience of being in each room as much as its visual appeal.

Sublime Newton Console in Black

Seeking a starting point for your home’s interior? Choose pieces that not only look stunning but also evoke a sense of comfort and satisfaction, ensuring they remain seamlessly integrated into your design for years to come. Embrace the beauty of craftsmanship and timeless designs, creating an atmosphere that exudes elegance without the need for ostentation. Allow your space to effortlessly captivate attention, effortlessly drawing admiration without any hint of exertion.

Empire Center Table
Quiet Luxury: A New Interior Design Trend
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