Realism Art Sculptures By Mu Boyan

The contemporary Chinese sculptor Mu Boyan, best recognized for his realism art sculptures of obese young men suspended in various activities or poses, the emphasis his work is the transforming views of weight gain in China.

Realism Art Sculptures By Mu Boyan

In China, when it mentions the fat person, it symbolizes the life abundance in a country where many people were starving. The fat in the west can be understood the bodily overload caused by unscientifically diet structure.

Realism Art Sculptures By Mu Boyan

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Mu’s work explores this change of perspective through his comical and ironic contemporary sculptures, which, despite their exaggerated surrealism, maintain a high degree of realism and technical finish.

Mu Boyan created hyper-realism sculptures of fat man… naked. Flying, climbing, standing this fat cartoon characters come to life in fine art sculpture form. At once vulnerable and exhibitionist, full of absurdity and full of humanity, these sculptures place characters in several unlikely situations, mostly in the nude.

Some of these surreal sculptures hang desperately off of ledges and other objects. Others appear to be limited in smaller spaces. All display a hyper-realism and vulnerability that evoke several emotions from the viewer.

Now, the gap between rich and poor enlarges day by day, the fatty no longer has the symbolic significance as “laughing than growing fat,” but is often explained visually as “occupying social resources excessively.” And through this modern sculptures, the artist wants to pass this message so we can have another way of looking at the “fatties”.

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