Rebecca Wilson – Provocative Ceramics

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson’s ceramics turn everyday items into a collage of pleasurable extravagance. Just look at these burlesque and sweet pieces of ceramics. They kind of talk to you in a dirty way always keeping their traditional integrity.

Her collection was at the SHOWstudio’s “selling sex” exhibition inspired in the book Design Behind Desire from Lisa Z Morgan. Her work’s presence will be made by  the wall mounted platters – ‘Blow Me!’ (Above) and ‘Peachy Keen’ (Below).

Rebecca Wilson’s

Rebecca uses luxurious porcelain and bone china but removes the formality of the materials so they simply drip with the desire of momentary self-indulgence: chocolate, strawberries, cherries ooze frivolity, laced with a slightly sinister edge.

Provocative Ceramic Collection

As she writes in her blog about her provocative collection “The Blow Me! range is made up of objects that have become marginalised from their intended purpose as decanters of sickly scents and potent powders; ceremonial objects that enhance the allure of the woman so she can be absorbed with all the senses. Perfume bottles and powder puffs now stand redundant in function, but rich in purpose as ‘collectibles’; items to be coveted in themselves, standing as small monuments to commemorate the ritual ceremonies they once performed.” Just look at the beauty of this little power puff … yes it’s real rabbit fur!

 Rebecca Wilson’s


Using slip-casting techniques, Rebecca produces high-quality items that defy the throwaway nature of their subject matter… but blow me isn’t the only fantastic collection fro this amazing artist, just see the “Eat me; Keep me”. With pieces like “Dirty Rotten Peaces” (1º image below) or “Bite me” (2º image below) it’s impossible not to imagine these beauties in our desks.

Rebecca Wilson’s

Rebecca Wilson’sI really recommend you to check out Rebecca Wilson website and see this video that you can see her working on the “Dirty Rotten Peaches” while she talks about her work.