Sali Muller’s Shattered Sculptures

Luxembourgish artist Sali Muller‘s large-scale sculptures approaches a spectrum of psychosocial issues such as self-awareness, identity, and interpersonal communication.

Sali Muller’s Shattered Sculptures

With her modern art installations, Muller manipulates our perception of subject and subjectivity. She breaks up the connections between space, time and identity in order to investigate what it means to maintain individuality in a society of constant repetitions. With sarcasm and irony, the contemporary artist draws attention to the obsession of our media-dominated visual culture: making everything transparent.

Sali Muller’s Shattered Sculptures

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Linked with the desire to better ourselves, is the desire to destroy or self-destruct. This moto gave life to the modern sculptures of Muller’s work. Focusing on base functions and psychological experiences such as selfishness, she deconstructs how we see ourselves and how we create separate identities.

Through broken shards of glass, incomplete shapes and split time, Muller draws attention ” I am trying to direct our attention to the possibility of getting to the bottom of our visual culture. I am doing this by treating the contemporary obsession with the transparency of all private processes with skepticism and irony.”

Her large-scale art installations prompt the viewer to question at what point the self-becomes other, and how we can we objectively distinguish what makes us unique.

Hand in hand with the preoccupation with self-image comes to an acute awareness of passing time and aging. By creating contemporary art pieces that appear to lose their original form (such as the series of diminishing frames) Muller alludes to the transitory nature of material objects and the inevitable death of living things.

This seems particularly pertinent when considered in relation to society’s desire to remain young. In the following interview, we discuss narratives of  “anti-reflection” and manipulating perceptions with the highly acclaimed artist.