Sarah Sitkin’s Horror Art Bodysuits That You Need To See

To all the creepy horror art lovers prepare yourself to Sarah Sitkin’s Horror Art Bodysuits That You Need To See…

Bodysuits?? Yes, but not for summer, not for swimming or tanning. These are human bodies suits, human art that you can were.

Sarah Sitkin’s Horror Art Bodysuits That You Need To SeeArt sculptures that looks just like our neighbor, our family or our mailmen, their real bodies. Isn´t that odd? No.

Sarah Sitkin with a studio in Los Angeles is a mad artist with a sick studio. Oh yeah!!

You take a step in and you just stare into the lifeless eyes of the sculptures, pieces of bodies, she could be a serial killer or a crazy scientist just experimenting.

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Coolors Collection Boca do Lobo

Scraps of silicone flesh strewn in discard piles on the floor, disembodied heads on sticks, baskets overflowing with art implements along the wall…

And we can say that, this amazing horror art  shape-shifting artist creates the most amazing human bodysuits by taking molds of the human body and then casts them into silicone positives and meticulously crafts the forms into prosthetic sculptures that are the stuff of delightful nightmares.

The show created by the horror art human bodies were turned into wearable garments.

By directly molding actual people, the artist has preserved every detail to preserve hyper realism.

They intentionally cross the boundaries and privacy in order to provoke recognition in the shared human experience.

The wearer is invited to empathize, confront, and reevaluate the judgement we hold to the bodies of others as well as our own.