Sculptural Porcelain Art By Li XiaoFeng

Discover the Sculptural Porcelain Art By Li XiaoFeng, the chinese artist that creates amazing outfits using porcelain.

Sculptural Porcelain Art By Li XiaoFengLike all other chinese artists, Li Xiaofeng took a long and striving road of study and  modern art artistic practice.

Then, Just like all the others persistently going in for art, Li chose to stay in Beijing, next to art galleries.

However, Li Xiaofeng also spent as much the same time completely bresking away from the tie of academic art that he once diligently sought for, and cautiously keeping some certain distance from all the current trends of arts, which has been proved to be an entirely necessary and wise decision as an  sculpture artist.


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It surely requires courage and preparation of cost for the tenacity.

We are clearly aware of that ” Chinese culture” is the basic breakthrough point in Li’s works.

It has been thought of a difficulty when it comes to culture, Li Xiaofeng,  however, has such a sense of mission for it, and the finds it a theoretic basis with beautiful name “Post Orientalism”. The fashion design for porcelain dresses.

Chinese landscape was always a major theme in his large number of paintings created in past. Instead of simply copying, like some other contemporary artists, the landscape  in his creation has been melt into heart and then rearranged, thus his works are so unique that we can taste the of the abstract art and the modern flavor of poetic dream and super realism.

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